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House rules of student apartments

  1. In addition to the stipulations of the laws, general and city-specific regulations and the tenancy agreements, the tenants of the building must observe good general order and these house rules.

    No one must disturb other tenants' comfort of living with improper behaviour or other unnecessary disturbance. People living in the house must observe general domestic peace.

    Tenants must make sure that their guests also observe these rules and guidelines.
  2. The entrance doors of the building are always locked. People going in and out should always make sure that the door is properly closed.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to stain the staircase, hallways and external walls. If a tenant for some reason causes these common premises to become stained, he/she must immediately clean the stain. Trespassing and loud noises in the staircase are forbidden (under city regulations). No items may be stored in the staircase (under the Rescue Act).
  4. Pets are not allowed in the student apartments (except in Tommilantie 1 and Peräsimentie 1).
  5. Playing musical instruments, singing, and other loud activities that may disturb neighbours should always be avoided, and such activities are forbidden between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  6. Using the shower between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. should be avoided. The use of washing machines is forbidden between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  7. Dishwashers and washing machines must never be left running if no one is home. The water input tap must be closed when the machines are not used.
  8. Car parking is only allowed in the marked parking lot. Damaging lawns and planted areas is forbidden. No items may be stored in the yard without the housing company's permission.
  9. All waste must be taken to the waste container properly packed. Only household waste can be left in the building's waste container; other types of waste must be disposed of by the tenants. Under the Waste Act, waste must be sorted and put in the designated containers.
  10. Any defects detected in the heating, plumbing or drainage systems must be reported to facility maintenance immediately; a tenant who has neglected to report such issues may be deemed responsible for compensating for any damage caused by the defect.

    The lights of the common premises must be used sparingly. When leaving the basement premises, the lights must always be switched off. The fire doors leading from the staircase to the basement must be kept shut at all times.
  11. In shared apartments, tenants using the shared kitchen must always properly wash and rinse all of their dishes, including cutlery, and put all utensils in their proper place. Kitchen users must always make sure that the stove is switched off after use. Nothing that could block the sewer may be poured down the kitchen sink.
  12. It is forbidden to attach any signs, posters or notifications on the apartment doors, staircase walls, external walls or windows without the facility manager's permission. It is forbidden to drive any nails or hooks into the walls of the building. Items can be attached on the wooden racks installed on the wall by using screwed hooks, small nails or line. If tenants glue mirrors directly on the wall, these mirrors must be left in place when moving out. Tenants who detach glued mirrors must repair the wall to restore its original condition.
  13. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all common premises of the building. Smoking is also strictly forbidden in studio apartments and shared apartments. In family apartments, it is recommended to avoid smoking indoors.
  14. Clothes, bedding and linen may be dusted and aired using the rack in the yard.
  15. Installing any electrical conductors outside the building walls (e.g. for car engine preheating) is strictly forbidden. All such conductors will be removed, or electricity supply to the apartment in question will be interrupted until the cable is removed. The costs of this will be charged from the holder of the apartment (the tenant).
  16. It is forbidden to keep the lift reserved by keeping its door open. The lift must not be used for transporting items that may damage it. Particular caution must be observed when transporting prams or sharp objects in the lift. It is forbidden to use the lift for household effect in transit. (Tekniikantie 4 does not have a lift)
  17. The IT network connection installed in each room can have only one computer connected to it at a time. If more computers are connected to the network, the connection from the room in question will be interrupted. (In Tommilantie 1 the network connection is implemented using a two-way cable TV.) If the tenants are out of the apartment for longer than 3 days, the Facility management Office must be informed of this.
  18. When moving out, the apartment and possible storage space must be handed over empty and properly cleaned.
  19. The building's facility manager is Porin YH-Asunnot Oy. The maintenance service's contact information is on the bulletin board.
  20. These household rules are endorsed by the Board of the housing company, the Facility Manager and facility maintenance staff. Their comments must be observed.

    These house rules apply to all premises owned by Porin YH-Asunnot Oy.