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Property development

propertyPorin YH-Asunnot Oy has a long history in the field of property development. The first residential rental building constructed by the company - at that time called Asunnonhankintaosakeyhtiö Porin Haka - with a state-subsidised housing loan was completed in 1970.

In the course of its 50-year history, Porin Haka Oy/Porin YH-Asunnot Oy has constructed more than 4,000 apartments in Pori, as well as several dozen service, business, education and other such public and special premises. In addition, various overhauls and renovations carried out by the company cover several thousand apartments.

Our sister company Satakunnan YH-Rakennuttaja Oy has carried out similar property development operations elsewhere in the Satakunta region.

Our property development activities and services comprise our own construction projects as well as consulting assignments received after bidding competitions or negotiations.

Our most significant projects:

  • Construction of the Haka areas in Pormestarinluoto and Sampola districts
    in the 1970s and 80s and the general overhauls of these buildings in the turn of the 21st century
  • Privately funded owner-occupied service apartments in Karjaranta
  • The rental building area in Leppäkorventie
  • Student and service apartments in the Hankkija area, Karjaranta
  • Construction and overhaul of student houses in Taiteilijankatu, Maamiehenkatu, Tekniikantie, Korpraalitie and Tommilantie
  • Asunto Oy Porin Säveltäjänlinna in the Pori city centre
  • Kiinteistö Oy Annankatu 8, rental apartment and office building in the Pori city centre

Projects implemented as the result of bidding competitions or
contract negotiations:

  • Ruskakoti service and residential buildings (3 stages)
  • Ruskahovi and Ruskalinna (2 stages), converting rental apartments
    into sheltered service apartments for senior citizens
  • Porin Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, converting a factory hall into a teaching health centre
  • Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, construction of education premises
  • Greek Orthodox Church of Pori
  • Kiinteistö Oy Satakruunu, sheltered residential housing for disabled people across the Satakunta region; overhaul covering nearly the entire property of Antinkartano
  • Porin Vanhustenkotiyhdistys ry, construction and overhaul of several sheltered residential buildings for senior citizens in Pori
  • Municipality of Eura, several new rental buildings and general overhauls of municipality-owned rental buildings
  • Porin perusturvakeskus/Porin Erityiskiinteistöt Oy, sheltered housing for disabled people across Pori
  • Porin perusturvakeskus/Porin Palvelukiinteistöt Oy, sheltered housing for seniors and disabled people in Karjaranta
  • City of Rauma/Kiinteistö Oy Rauman Palvelutalot, sheltered housing for seniors and disabled people, premises for the senior citizens' home help service in Kaunisjärvi, Rauma
  • City of Rauma/Rauman Asunnot Oy, 95 rental apartments in Sorkantie, Rauma

Our property development service covers the entire process, from land acquisition to annual warranty inspections as needed. Based on the client's needs and wishes, we can also bid for or negotiate about customised property development.

Our property development organisation and contact information:

Porin YH-Asunnot Oy
Annankatu 8, ground floor
P. O. Box 19
Fi-28101 Pori

Managing Director Ilkka Träskelin
tel. +358 44 701 2420
ilkka.traskelin [at] porinyhasunnot.fi
Property Development Ombudsman Kati Lindén
tel. +358 44 701 2411
kati.linden [at] porinyhasunnot.fi
Property Development Engineer Päivi-Leena Piirainen
tel. +358 44 701 2423
paivi-leena.piirainen [at] porinyhasunnot.fi
Property Development Engineer Rauno Isomäki
tel. +358 44 701 2428
rauno.isomaki [at] porinyhasunnot.fi