Full service property management

Porin YH-Asunnot is an authorized property management company, managing the properties under its ownership within Pori city region.

Property management you can trust

We manage several housing cooperatives and corporate properties. Our housing cooperatives consist of 1700 apartments and 600 senior apartments.

We operate by reserving and rising the value of the properties. We use modern IT solutions, securing the accuracy of rents, payments, book keeping and salaries.

We follow all the rules and ethics of decent property management, offering trustworthy and professional property management service.

The ethical rules of property management

A well-functioning service is based on the ethical rules of property management. A property management company sees to that all the personnel is familiar with the rules and follows them.

  • We operate with care, following the customer interests
  • We communicate our services and pricing distinctly
  • We manage our customer's purchases and acquisitions openly, utilizing our cooperative network for the good of our customer
  • We operate equally
  • We aim for transparency and open communication
  • We follow professional confidentiality, and do not misuse information
  • We see to that our customer is aware of the ethical rules of property management
  • We adopt only assignments suitable for our ability and resources
  • We are aware of our responsibilites, duties and possibilities to influence
  • We know the rules and regulations of our business, and maintain and improve our professional know-how
  • We maintain and develop the stature of property management
  • We respect other companies on our field of business, and are fair competitors
  • We commit to fight black market business
  • We support sustainable use of energy and materials

ISA ry, the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation and The Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF) have approved the ethical rules for use in property management. The membership of the organizations mentioned above supports following the rules.

ISA authorized property management companies and members of the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation are committed to these rules and their monitoring. As an implication of this, the company has a sign of ISA or the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation.