Opiskelijat Porin YH asunnoissaan
Opiskelijat Porin YH asunnoissaan

Student apartments for rent in Pori

Porin YH-Asunnot Oy offers a wide range of alternatives for inexpensive, comfortable student housing in Pori. There are several rental apartments in Pori, including shared apartments, studio apartments and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. Please inform us if you arrive with your family. Welcome to study and live in Pori!

Applying for a student apartment in Pori

Feel free to scroll through our available student apartments in Pori or find them below. Check also our rental apartments in Pori!

Fill in an application. You can apply for several apartments with one application. Possible appendices will be requested separately. Just remember to carefully fill in all the fields of the application.

Contact us for more information! Porin YH-Asunnot Oy, tel. +358 2 623 4450

Warranty deposits

Monetary deposit: 500€ The deposit will be returned to the tenant after the end of the tenancy within four weeks if the tenant has given the keys and the apartment is in normal condition and cleaned; and the tenant has no rental or other fees or other housing-related obligations untreated. The office fee of 20 euros will be deducted from the deposit of the foreign bank accounts.

A student in his apartment

The right choice for a student

Alex, who lives in Porin YH-Asunnot’s student apartments, moved into his current apartment 1.5 years ago. The apartment is just the right combination of spaciousness, easy maintenance and convenience due to its location.

A student in her apartment

The story of Silja-Sofia Ilvonen

Independence began on Vapaudenkatu. The fall of 2021 was an exciting time because that is when Silja-Sofia had just turned 18 – and decided to move from her childhood home to her own.

Our student apartments in Pori

Are you already living with us?

Here you can find useful information concerning all aspects of residency, such as contact information to your house and its janitor, advisory services, a price list for tenants, housing rules and information on ending the apartment rental agreement and moving out. If you have any questions, please contact us.

SUMMER CONTRACT You can sign a summer contract on May 1. - 31.8. in between for a maximum of three consecutive months. A summer contract cannot be concluded for a month of notice. In the summer contract, the tenant can leave his belongings in the apartment, but return all the keys in the office of Pori YH-Asunnot Oy for the time of summer contract. Tenant pays half of the apartment's rent/month during that time. The resident cannot use the apartment during the summer contract. The water advance payment must be paid during the summer contract, but the water fee is deducted from the bill during that time.

Find contact information on your own house

Do you need your own house's service contact information? The property service company will assist you concerning all renovation and maintenance matters, as well as opening your door in case you have lost or forgotten your key. The property manager will give you advice on smaller renovations, and can be contacted in case you want to announce that you have a newborn baby, or report disturbance in the house.