The service price list for student apartments

Here you can find the service price list for student apartments, including the prices for i.e. keys, different renovations and documents.

Resident billing charges


Extra key ExecProtecAssa

60,00 €
Extra key Iloq40,00 € 
New lock: Exec,  Abloy,  ProtecAssa350,00 € 
New lock: Iloq,  Onity150,00 € 

Repairs in apartment

Renewal of communicating door (wall board)120 € 
Change of door frame150 € 
Renewal of communicating door with frame250 € 
Renewal of trim molding/doorway 100 € 
Renewal of apartment doorAs contract work
Painting ceilingAs contract work
Painting wallsAs contract work


As contract work
Renewal of floor/- laminate As contract work
Baseboards (over renewal of floor)As contract work

Permanent furnishin installed

Cabinet 200 € 
Renewal of cabinet door150 €  

Renewal of kitchen cabinet door

150 €
Renewal of the front of kitchen drawer  80 € 
Renewal of rack120 € 
Dishwasher cabinet200 € 

Equipment installed 

Toilet mirror

100 € 
Toilet mirror cabinet with lighting300 € 
Toilet mirror cabinet door80 € 
Shower curtain rack80 € 
Shower wallAs contract work
Fire alarm installed by lessor 60 € 

Home appliances installed

Small refrigerator400 € 
Refrigerator/freezer600 € 
Stove400 € 

HVAC Equipment

Toilet seat500 € 
Repair of toilet seatAs contract work
Toilet seat cover80 € 
Sink250 € 
Light switch/socket/roof box90 € 
- Extra charge for multiple equipment/pcs20 € 
Dishwasher sockets40 €
Radiator theromastat60 € 

Cleaning / Emptying

Cleaning of refigerator80 € 
Cleaning of stove50 € 
Cleaning behind stove50 € 
Cleaning of floor drain20 €  
Cleaning of cooker hood or -ventilator40 € 
Cleaning of toilet/bathroomAs contract work


As contract work

Emptying storage/cleaning

As contract work
Renovation costs caused by smokingAs contract work

The lessor will charge the tenant for any costs arising from the negligent violation of the tenant's apartment, mismanagement, or indecent condition of the apartment. Possible other actions required work are done as contract work. All prices include work-, material- and travel expenses.


Housing manager's certificate55,00 € 
Financial statements15,00 € 
Budget estimate10,00 € 
Corporate by-laws                                10,00 € 
Energy performance certificate             32,00 € 
Floor plan17,00 € 
Report on maintenance needs15,00 € 

Price list as of 1.7.2019. The billing charges corresponds to the average cost and the lessor reserves the right to change prices. Billing extra € 5.