Cookie policy

We use cookies on our website to enhance user experience and to target advertising.

The very best user experience

Cookies are small pieces of data created by the website and stored on the computer or mobile device to allow you to use various functions. Thanks to cookies, we can compile statistics of the website use. This information makes it possible for us to develop and improve our website to make user experience better.

Our website uses both permanent and session-specific cookies. Session-specific cookies are stored temporarily on your computer as you browse our website. These cookies will be deleted when you close your browser or within a certain time period. Permanent cookies are stored on your computer until you delete them.

**Analytics and targeting **

Our website uses Google Analytics. Cookies help us to compile statistics e.g. about the number of visits and pages opened, where users comes to our website, which pages are popular and so on. They also allow us to target advertising.

We may use third party cookies to target advertising, collect information and for analytical purposes. We may also use behavioural information provided by other websites. We and our partners may also collect data about the efficiency of the advertising.

**Managing cookies **

We do not use cookies to collect any personal information of the users of our website. You can control the use of cookies, and allow, limit or block the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. Please keep in mind that deleting cookies may affect your user experience by limiting some of the functions.

If you wish to deny the use of cookies by Google Analytics, you can do it here.

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