What to do in exceptional situations

As we all know, sounds caused by normal living are a part of your life, but noise and disturbance are not. In these cases it is important to restore tranquility and comfortability.

Disturbance and how to report it

In apartment buildings, the normal living comfort is sometimes disturbed. In such situations it is in the interest of all tenants to rectify the situation as soon as possible. When there is a disturbance, the case must be assessed.

  • First, find out precisely from which apartment the disturbance is coming; sounds can migrate unexpectedly in structures, and it is important not to blame anyone without cause.
  • Consider whether you should call the police (if there is violence, severe disturbance during the silent time, etc.). If you think it is necessary, do not hesitate to make the call; the police will further assess the situation.
  • Severe, recurring disturbance caused by the same household must be reported to the Facility Manager. The report should be submitted in writing, indicate the person submitting it and contain the following information:
    • Type of disturbance (fight noises, loud music, dog barking, yelling, excessive use of alcohol)
    • Source of disturbance (number of apartment, names)
    • Times of disturbance
    • Names of other people aware of the issue (confirmation e.g. with signatures)

    When the Facility Manager knows who reported the issue, it is easier to assess the situation reliably and ask for further information. The name of the person submitting the report will not be disclosed to anyone. The only exception to this rule is the case that the disturbing tenant's tenancy agreement is terminated and the matter is taken to court; the evidence presentation procedure requires disclosing the report submitter's name.

    Anonymous disturbance reports are addressed with caution to make sure that the Facility Manager is not used as a channel in neighbour disputes. Anonymous reports are often imprecise and do not describe the incident accurately, making it impossible to address the situation.

    We have a tenant representation system in our rental buildings. Issues can be discussed with the tenant representative, who can forward them to the Facility Manager. The tenant representative is not there to act as the police or as a mediator in neighbour disputes, but if he/she is willing and able to resolve an argument, this is, naturally, allowed.

    These instructions concern situations where a tenant does not take other residents of the building into consideration. As long as everyone properly respects their neighbours, these instructions will not be needed.