DNA internet connection for Porin YH Asunnot residents

Activate your DNA internet connection

Read more about your free Dna Internet connection and the registration process.

  1. Visit and choose Address search. Enter your address. You will be taken to a page titled Tilaa DNA Netti.

  2. If you want to activate DNA Netti at basic speed, select the lowest option in the list.

  3. Click the button Siirry modeemin valintaan.

  4. If you need a security service, you can subscribe to it on the Valitse lisäpalvelut page. Security service will be charged separately.

  5. Press Siirry ostoskoriin to continue. If you are happy with your choices, go to the checkout, click Siirry kassalle.

  6. Complete your registration by signing up using your Finnish online bank identifiers, Mobiilivarmenne or DNA Tunnus.


Read more about the most common questions and answers.

What is DNA Netti for housing companies? DNA supplies Internet and cable TV services for Porin YH-asunnot homes. DNA Netti Internet with basic speed is included in the rent.

What is DNA Netti basic speed? Your home rent includes broadband with the basic speed. The basic speed of free DNA Netti internet access is 25 Mbps.

How do I get the basic speed of DNA Netti? Activate DNA Netti with basic speed online You can also register at your nearest DNA Kauppa shop or by calling our customer service number 044 144 044.

What does extra speed mean? You can subscribe for additional connection speeds at affordable prices. E.g. DNA Netti 100M only 11,49 €/month and DNA Netti 200M 15,90 €/month. Also available 400M, 600M and even 1G (1000 Mbps) extra speed. Read more:

I have already ordered additional internet speed from DNA, what should I do? You do not need to do anything, your connection speed stays as subscribed. Read more:

When will I have access to DNA’s 25 Mbps internet access? All Porin YH-asunnot homes will be covered by DNA services during 2023. However, be aware if you have fixed-term contracts with another service provider’s products.

How are cable broadband (cable modem interface) and ethernet interface different? Both offer the same services, only the connection is implemented with different technology. In cable house-holds you need a cable modem. When broadband is available through an Ethernet cable (RJ-45), you don’t need a modem. If you want to share your Internet connection with multiple devices, we recommend the DNA router for Ethernet households. Read more:

Where can I pick up a cable modem required for cable households? You can buy a cable modem required for cable households at a DNA Kauppa or by calling DNA’s free service number at 0800 550 044 to have the modem mailed to you. You can also order the modem when activating your Internet connection. We recommend the DNA modem. Read more: (in Finnish)

I already have a cable modem because I’ve used DNA / another carrier’s broadband before – Can I still use it? Check this in the DNA Kauppa store, or by calling DNA’s free service number at 0800 550 044 or DNA customer service. DNA can check whether the modem model is new enough and thus capable of high-speed connections.

How do I know what speed I have used / ordered in the apartment? You can check the speed of your DNA Netti by asking DNA Customer Service, DNA Kauppa store or log in to website or Oma DNA application.

Who pays for the basic speed rate of a housing company? DNA Netti basic speed is included in your rent.

Who charges for the additional speed? DNA invoices the resident directly in accordance with its agreement.

Will I automatically get the basic speed of 25 Mbps activated when I register DNA Netti? When registering, we connect you to DNA Netti with a base speed of 50 Mbps. Register your connection: and enter your address.

What customer benefits and offers do I get from DNA? You can find customer benefits at and (in Finnish)

When I move out of the apartment, what should I do? When you move out, inform DNA that you will no longer need the connection. Remember to cancel your internet when moving out or to another Porin YH-apartment. Leave the modem in the apartment.

I have another operator’s internet, what should I do? DNA Netti basic speed is included in your rent. To avoid duplicate charges, we recommend that you terminate the services of another service provider.

What is WiFi call? Wi-Fi calling gives you the chance to make phone calls using a wireless internet connection. It’s is a great solution to achieve high-quality calls indoors. For example, new low-energy houses and basements are often challenging places. New energy-efficient windows can worse hearing at home. To use WiFi calls, you need a Pori YH resident’s DNA Netti and a WiFi-modem, as well as a telephone connection and a phone that support WiFi calls. Here’s how to enable WiFi calling: Go to your phone’s call settings and enable Wi-Fi calls from the settings. Go to your phone’s WiFi settings and connect your phone to your home WiFi-network. You can find model-specific instructions in your phone’s user manual.

What does it mean to have DNA cable TV channels? Your home has access to all DNA cable TV channels. The DNA cable television network gives you access to basic channels, such as YLE channels, MTV3, Nelonen and many more. Basic channels are available for viewing without a TV card.

How to activate cable TV? To access DNA TV services simply do as follows:

  1. You will need a cable compatible (Cable Ready HD or DVB-C) TV or set-top box or the DNA TVHubi.
  2. Perform a channel search, in other words tune your TV or set-top box. Instructions are found in the user guide for your device. Please note that the channel numbers may change.

What is DNA TV Hubi? DNA Hubi and DNA TV application combines familiar TV, channel packages and streaming services with thousands of Android TV apps to the same service, as an entertainment center for the whole family. (in Finnish)