Information on student living

Here you can find useful information on how to take care of your apartment and other practical matters. If you have any questions, we are happy to help!

Summer agreement and exchange studies

All our apartments are applicable for a summer agreement between May 1 and August 31, for up to three months. The summer agreement rules are applied also at other times for students heading abroad as exchange students.

According to a summer agreement, you can leave your belongings in the apartment, but you must leave all the keys to the office of Porin YH-Asunnot, and you are supposed to pay half of the rent during the summer agreement.

You can not use the apartment during the summer agreement, and you will not receive a water bill, but you are supposed to pay the water pre-payment also during the summer agreement. The summer agreement is not applicable for the same month, you terminate your lease contract on.

Information on living on rent

Home insurance

We require our tenants to get a home insurance, and provide a document of the insurance to us.


Parking is allowed on marked parking spaces. Guest parking places are designated only for temporary parking. Ask for available parking places from our office!


Pets are welcome to most of our apartments. Please mind that your pet won't disturb other tenants or damage your apartment or public spaces. Make sure your pet is on a leash on the courtyard and always collect your pet's droppings.

In student homes pets are allowed only on Peräsimentie 1.

On Annankatu 8, Karjapiha 8 A and B, as well as Otavankatu 8 B pets are not allowed.


Smoking is prohibited inside all the premises.

Property service 

Property service takes care of renovations and maintenance of the property, as well as service of the outside areas. If you notice something that has to be fixed, please contact our property service.   Door opening fee is about 100 euros outside office hours (at 7 am to 3 pm) So after 3 pm there will be a fee depending of the time of the service visit. (1st January 2023).

Property management 

Property manager sees that the property functions and that the everyday life continues normally. You can contact the property manager if you for example wish to do a smaller renovation in your apartment, notice vandalism or want to report disturbance.   


The ventilation must be on always, in order to secure sufficient aeration. For an effective ventilation you can momentarily ventilate by cross-draught. Remember to wash the kitchen hood filter regularly with water and detergent.


A healthy and energy-efficient room temperature is 21 degrees and in the bedroom 18–20 degrees Celsius. You can adjust the room temperature by turning the radiator thermostat. You should never cover the radiator with large curtains or furniture. The door and window insulation should be checked annually.

Water and draining

Please regularly clean up the bathroom floor drains and stench trap under the sink. Report dripping or leaking toilet seat, faucet or drainage pipe immediately to property service.

If there is a complete stoppage in the drain, report it to the property service immediately. Do not flush down anything non-solvent. For example greases and coffee grounds go to biowaste. All the sanitary items, as well as cat litter go to burnable waste. The tenant is responsible for the costs of opening any self-inflected stoppages.

Bathroom and sauna

After taking a shower, dry up the floor with the bathroom trowel and secure sufficient ventilation. Also the floor drain should be cleansed regularly. Keep the sauna stove on for a moment after having a sauna, in order to secure that it dries up. Inspect bathroom sealing regularly and report to the property service, if needed.


The balcony is meant for recreation, not for storaging. Barbeque and grilling are allowed only by an electric grill, and by not disturbing other people.

Apartment yard 

The tenant is supposed to take care of the apartment yard. You may use an electric or gas grill, if you do not disturb your neighbours. For any renovations or modifications, please contact your property manager first.


Recycling saves both nature and money. You reduce burnable waste by sorting out glass, metal, paper, cardboard, plastic and biowaste accordingly. Electronic and hazardous waste should be taken to an official waste disposal site.

Public places

Laundry instructions can be found on laundry room wall. You are not allowed to wash carpets in regular washing machines. Collect your laundry as soon as you are ready. 

Storaging goods in any of the corridors is prohibited by law. Do not store flammable fluids or gases in public places or public storage rooms.

Outdoors are kept locked during night. Please make sure that you lock the door after you, when entering during night-time.

Tenant and lessor responsibilities

Service and renovation of normal attrition are on the lessor's responsibility. Any detrition caused by the tenant, the tenant's guest or pet are on the tenant's responsibility. Also any extra toil caused by the tenant's extra applications in the apartment are on the tenant's responsibility.

Summer contract

You can sign a summer contract on May 1. - 31.8. in between for a maximum of three consecutive months. A summer contract cannot be concluded for a month of notice.
In the summer contract, the tenant can leave his belongings in the apartment, but return all the keys to Pori YH-Asunnot Oy's office. Tenant will pay half of the apartment's rent/month for the duration of the contract. The resident cannot use the apartment during the summer contract. The advanced paid water fee must be paid during the summer contract, the water fee is removed.