Accessibility statement of Porin YH-Asunnot

This accessibility statement pertains to service and it has been updated on 7th of May 2024. The Act on the Provision of Digital Services applies to the service. This act requires public online services to be accessible. The data of the apartments on the website is integrated via Visma Tampuuri. Tampuuri Oy is responsible for its own accessibility, and we recommend addressing the accessibility feedback regarding this content directly to Visma Tampuuri Oy.

The online service was originally published in its current form on 1st of May 2021.

The accessibility of the service has been assessed by an external expert organisation: Nitro Group Oy.

Porin YH-Asunnot Oy is committed to accessibility and improving it. The state of the online service’s accessibility is constantly monitored, and the service’s accessibility is assessed regularly. We offer support for users to whom digital services are not accessible.

State of digital services’ accessibility:

The online service meets all the accessibility criteria defined by the law.

The online service contains Word documents and PDFs that may have accessibility challenges.

Did you notice an accessibility issue with our digital services?

If you notice any issues with the website’s accessibility, please first give feedback to us, the site administrators. The response may take 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the response, you have received or if you do not receive a response within two weeks, you can report the issue to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. The page of the Regional Administrative Agency for Southern Finland explains exactly how to make a report and how the matter is handled.

Contact information of the supervisory authority Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland Accessibility supervision unit
Telephone number: exchange +358 (0)295 016 000

We are committed to improving the accessibility of digital services

The accessibility of the website is monitored and developed regularly. The website is developed based on user feedback and by utilising technical tools and measurements, such as:

• Axe DevTools • Lighthouse • WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Please let us know if you notice any issues with the website’s accessibility. We are happy to receive accessibility feedback that we can use to develop our operations.

If you have challenges with using our website, Porin YH-Asunnot also offers customer services and support via email, by phone and at our customer service point.


Telephone number: +358 2 623 4450

Our customer service point: Annankatu 8, 28100 Pori

This accessibility statement will be updated regularly as accessibility issues are rectified or digital services developed.