GDPR in our rental housing company

General Data Protection Regulation in our rental housing company

If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data, you can contact the customer service at Porin YH-Asunnot.

In our rental housing company, we collect information for the residents' selection according to the Government Decree on the choice of residents for rented housing and interest-rate rentals (166/2008) and the Ministry of the Environment's application form for housing and interest-rate rentals and its appendices (904/2006).

The following information is required from the applicant at the application stage; personal data of the persons who live in the apartment (for the married and unmarried, personal identification number and the year of birth for the children), the applicant's need for housing, income and wealth of the members of the household, information on the apartment to be searched, information on the current apartment. This forms a register of applicants. In order to be able to show afterwards that the means test has been followed in the resident selection, we apply ARA's instructions for storing and releasing information on the tenancy data.

In certain circumstances, the following statements must be attached to the application for housing, prior to the conclusion of the lease: wage certificates from persons who are working and moving to the apartment their gross monthly earnings, monthly gross income, proof of pension amount (gross euro / month), tax certificates, all persons moving over 18 years of age (tax decision and a breakdown of the pre-filled tax return for the most recent tax, a property tax can be requested for the property) a statement of the fair value of the property, if any applicant member has assets, other possible certificates to be invoked by the applicant, e.g. court decision on the migrant's obligation, pregnancy certificate. If the lease is subsequently established, the information is part of the tenant- and resident register. If there is no contract, this information is part of the applicant register.

Our rental housing company also collects information about tenants and residents in their own register (tenant and resident register). In addition to the information contained in the applicant register, we collect the following personal data of the tenants and residents: name, email address and telephone number and other personal data necessary for the administration. These are collected in order to make our rental housing company operate. Personal data of the tenant and resident register will be kept as long as the tenant and / or resident lives in the housing company. However, after moving out, personal data can be retained and used for the time and to the extent necessary for billing, collection and legal action. The storing of data is required by the law on debt limitation for 10 years. In addition, for this data, we also apply ARA's instructions for storing and disclosing information on the lease.

The collected personal information were obtained from tenants or / and residents and may also be updated with information from government sources or other service providers from government sources and other service providers to ensure that the information in our registers is up to date.

In addition, our rental housing company has a personal register of the recording surveillance camera and electronic access control that we have at our disposal for the safety of people and property. Personal data contained in the recording camera / electronic access control will be stored for a maximum of 10 years.

In the part of the transfer of personal data, we apply ARA's instructions for storing information on the storing and disclosure of information on the lease. To the extent that the instructions do not restrict the disclosure of personal data, access to personal data is the responsibility of the board of directors of our rental housing company, the operational inspector and / or the auditor for the performance of their duties and, possibly, the collection company for the collection of debts, etc. In addition, the information may be disclosed to the resident or the authority as required by law. Personal data of the recording surveillance camera and electronic access control can only be viewed by the investigating authorities. All processing of personal data is done with respect for the privacy of the persons in the register and the information received is kept secret.

Our rental housing company ensures that the company's known personal information is adequately protected and requires this from its own subcontractors to whom the information is disclosed. In practice, the personal data processed by the rental housing company can be located on servers or devices of external service providers, so that we can ensure that the security level is achieved. We keep paper documents in a safe and locked space.

The rights for all registered users are secured.