The right choice for a student

Alex, who lives in Porin YH-Asunnot’s student apartments, moved into his current apartment 1.5 years ago. The apartment is just the right combination of spaciousness, easy maintenance and convenience due to its location.

Space, friends and ease

Alex, who has already lived in two different apartments provided by Porin YH-Asunnot, moved to his current home a year and a half ago. The residential building of his previous home was converted into a senior apartment, but that didn't bother him, because the living space in his home grew considerably.

His current home is close to the center, the gym he goes to and his work. Convenient! Alex’s friends live just a few minutes away, so hanging out together is easy. You can get anywhere on foot.

opiskelija asunnossaan

The luxury of student life

There is lots of space for storaging in the 34-square-meter student apartment. However, as a space, it is not too big, because the weekly cleaning does not take a lot of time. Luxurious living for a student!

The moving went smoothly with the help of a friend, because both the stairwell and the elevator are large. They fit a bed, gaming machine and other large items there. In this apartment building, the other neighbors are also students, social and nice. In case some things arise in the house, they are talked through among the residents immediately.

Especially the customer service gets praise. All the things that puzzle the mind have been solved in an instant. The helpfulness is also top class. Once when Alex was traveling abroad, he was left wondering if the oven was on. After one call to the customer service, the issue was checked.